Trim Restore and Coatings - OnTheSpot Mobile DetailersOxidation affects many areas of a vehicle. Exterior lights, paint, glass, chrome and the dark plastics found on most cars. Areas of the bumpers, running board steps, windshield cowls and areas found on vehicles like the Chevy Avalanche, called cladding, are prone to becoming dull, faded and turning almost to a grey color due to, yes, oxidation.

With proper cleaning and proper prep work, we can restore the ugly faded color back to new. Most over-the-counter products are water based which tend to be washed away from rain or tunnel car washes bringing the surface back to the original faded condition.

Mobile Car Detailing Grand Rapids MI - OnTheSpot Mobile DetailersProfessionally restored trim will make a dramatic difference in appearance and resale value. And we guarantee it for a year.

Services quoted as requested.  

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