Paint Correction - OnTheSpot Mobile DetailersPaint correction is the process of leveling your scratches to the surrounding area. With proper working knowledge of the type of paint, the choice of which polish and pad that’s correct, the type of machine to use and how to use it, all come into play to achieve this goal.  Multi steps may be needed depending on how nice you would like it to look. Keep this in mind, “Just like polishing a gemstone, you must use several diminishing grades of polish to bring out the true final radiance”.

The most common ways to instill scratches onto your paint is using improper washing techniques, using the automatic car washes, wrong washing and drying medium, and really just by the act of driving your vehicle on a daily basis. Debris being kicked up by the tires, as well as the junk in the air that you’re driving through will induce micro marring (small scratches) onto your surface..

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