Interior Cleaning and Detailing - OnTheSpot Mobile DetailersWhen evaluating interior work, we first determine the surface and material of what needs to be cleaned. We approach the areas in a “safety first” mentality; meaning we don’t want to proceed until we know what will work without causing undue harm to the surface. For example, we would not want to use a steam machine on the original leather of a 1954 Cadillac, that would be much to severe on a material that old.  Through constant and daily research we have found other ways to achieve our results. Depending on the origin of the stain or imperfection, some may not be able to be removed in a safe manner, or at all, and that is when replacement or “live with it” is the best or only option.

We achieve a thorough cleaning by utilizing microfiber and cotton towels, brushes, vacuums, compressed air, steam machines, certain dedicated tools for interior work as well as biodegradable and safe cleaners to restore your interior to close to new as possible. We also offer fabric and leather protection as well.  We use no shiny interior dressings, think Armor All, on any part; we believe a nice matte look to your vinyl and leather is superior than a greasy looking, sun reflecting, dust attracting surface. Nicotine residue will incur an additional fee. We don’t think it’s necessary to bullet list every little area that will be cleaned so let’s just cover everything in this statement:

**We clean everything from your seat rails to your headliner and everything in between.**

Interior Services pricing:

SMALL —– 2 Seater $240+

MEDIUM—– Sedan $260+

LARGE—– Small to mid-size SUV or Truck $280+

EXTRA LARGE—– 4 Door Truck  $300+

Full size SUV or any type of Van   $390+

**Please remove all personal items from vehicles**

  • Vacuum floors, seats, rear area, trunk and headliner
  • Sanitize all cup holders, knobs, switches, dash areas, steering wheel, anything that you may come in contact with.
  • Using cleaners, brushes, microfiber towels, compressed air etc. to clean all areas of the interior.
  • Steam clean fabric and carpet if needed.
  • Clean and wipe door jambs.
  • Clean all interior glass and mirrors using dedicated glass towels.
  • Final vacuum.

Mobile Car Detailing Grand Rapids MI - OnTheSpot Mobile DetailersAdditional Interior Cleaning and Detailing Services:

  • Nicotine Residue starts @ $30
  • 4 Floor mats are included, each additional mat $5 each
  • 3rd rear seat in SUVs/Vans – Clean and Leather Protected –  $40
  • Leather Coating (a yearly application) – $35/seat
  • Leather Conditioner – starts @ $35/car
  • Premium Interior UV Protection – starts @ $25/car
  • Pet Hair Removal – starts @ $40/car
  • Leather Revitalize “Deep Cleaning of Leather Seats” Amazing difference – $125/2
  • Odor Removal (ozone treatment)  – $50+ 
    • SUV/Van will probably need 2 applications, bigger area.  SUV/Van $80 
  1. **A thorough interior detail is needed before ozone treatment can be utilized.**          

Fabric/Leather Coating (lasts up to a year). A thorough cleaning is required before application of both Fabric and Leather Coating. (The thorough cleaning is included in price. May increase for excessive time and grime as well as surface area.)

  • Seats (2) – $70
  • Carpet – $100+

**Additional charges may apply for extra grime, time and distance**   

**PRICING MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE**                                                                                           

Package Features:

  • Sanitize
  • Thorough cleaning

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