Headlight Restoration - OnTheSpot Mobile DetailersWhen you notice your headlights becoming yellow, foggy, hazed over, that occurs when the protective layer applied in production wears away. That is caused by debris striking your lenses, heat from the lamps, exposure to industrial fallout (the crud floating in the air at all times) etc. Obviously cloudy headlights will reduce your vision not only for yourself and your family but for other drivers as well. We can restore the clarity to your head, tail and fog lights and save you from the cost and hassle of replacement.

To do a proper job, we evaluate the condition to determine the extent of the damage then proceed with different grits of sandpaper followed by a two step polishing procedure to restore as close as possible to new. A UV coating is then applied for durability. Keep in mind, all imperfections may not be removed, only by evaluating and working with the lenses can it be determined how perfect they may become.

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Mobile Car Detailing Grand Rapids MI - OnTheSpot Mobile DetailersHeadlight Restoration pricing:

Cost for the service will depend on type of vehicle, extent of damage and desire of results.

  • Standard option ( without UV protection ) – starts @ $80/pair
  • Premium option ( with UV protection ) – starts @ $100/pair

Please call or text us at (616) 366-8523 with any questions or contact us online.