Service Options - OnTheSpot Mobile DetailersOnTheSpot Mobile Detailers’ mobile auto detailing service options:

Stage 1


  1. Hand wash and dry using compressed air and scratch-free microfiber drying towels.
  2. Tires, wheels and wheel wells cleaned, UV protectant applied to tires.
  3. Bug and light tar removal.
  4. Mechanical decontamination of paint surfaces removing road grime and industrial fallout. This step leaves your paint free of contaminants and silky smooth and ready for polish.
  5. All-in-one polish is applied by machine using foam pads. (This contains a polish to remove light surface scratches and a polymer sealant for protection). You can expect 50-60% of surface scratches removal.
  6. Exterior glass cleaned with dedicated glass towels.


  1. Vacuum floors, seats, rear area and headliner.
  2. Using specific tools, brushes, towels, cleaners and compressed air to thoroughly clean and sanitize all areas of the interior.
  3. Steam clean fabric and carpet if needed.
  4. Degrease and clean door jambs.
  5. Clean all glass, mirrors and navigation screens with dedicated towels and cleaners.
  6. Final vacuum.

2018 ZL1 Camaro 1Stage 2


Everything in Stage 1 with the addition of a more thorough 2 step machine polishing process to refine the paint and really amp up the gloss followed by a polymer sealant for protection and gloss lasting 4+ months or longer.

Additional Options:

  1. Chemical Decon. For severe contamination.
  2. SB3 Optic Windshield Coating.
  3. Polymer sealant upgrade.
  4. Headlight restore.
  5. Trim restore.

Stage 1 pricing:

  • Cars, Small Trucks – $460+
  • Vans, Large Trucks, SUVs – $660+

Stage 2 pricing:

  • Cars, Small trucks – $660+
  • Vans, Large Trucks, SUVs – $860+

“We don’t compete with others on price, they don’t compete with us on quality”.

**Additional charges may apply for extra grime, time and distance**

Exterior Only pricing:

  • Stage 1 Cars, Small Trucks –  $340
  • Stage 1 Vans, Large Trucks, SUVs – $500
  • Stage 2 Cars, Small Trucks – $460
  • Stage 2 Vans, Large Trucks, SUVs – $630


For Interior Cleaning and Detailing only click here.