Paint and Surface Coatings - OnTheSpot Mobile DetailersThere have been numerous changes in the detail industry, probably more in the last 10 years then the previous 30. One of the biggest and best innovation to come along recently has been the emergence of a better way to protect the surface of your vehicle, boat, trailer, motorcycle, etc and that is the introduction of Ceramic Coatings.

Where wax was the standard for so long something better came along in the form of a polymer sealant. Wax is derived from organic materials, Brazilian leaves to be exact, so its durability is limited, 2-4 weeks of protection properties. It looks great but just doesn’t last. Enter the man made polymer sealant. Being a polymer, durability and gloss was increased from weeks to months. Still the best protection available without choosing a coating.

OnTheSpot Mobile Detailers have been applying surface coatings since the introduction of Ceramic Coatings, 10+ years now.  We have done the research, the testing, trying to determine what will work the best for ourselves as well as our clients. In the last few years, everyone and their brother seems to have a coating to offer, it’s really quite overwhelming. Let us remove that confusion from your mind.

Surface coatings, when applied properly and the installer follows the strict process, cannot be matched in terms of durability, slickness, gloss and ease of maintenance. A coating acts as a measured sacrificial barrier between the elements and your paint for many years provided it is maintained properly. 

Mobile Car Detailing Grand Rapids MI - OnTheSpot Mobile DetailersA surface coating is not bulletproof; it will scratch, it will become contaminated, bug and bird splatter will etch it if not removed promptly but the beauty of a coating is all those things mentioned will occur to and in the coating itself and not your paint. The only way to remove the coating is by time and mechanical abrasion, by machine polishing. Now granted, deeper scratches may occur which will compromise the coating, IE off-roading through thick brush, someone taking a key to the surface, rock and road debris, etc, it is not a force field like Jupiter 2 used to have. But it is, without a doubt, the best solution for the most durable protection that is available today.

Pricing below includes a premium hand wash and dry, decontamination of the exterior surface, 1 step enhancement polish, surface prep and a layer of Ceramic Coating applied. If more polishing steps are desired add an additional $300 per step.

  •  SB3 Alpha. Our flagship ceramic coating with the highest concentration of SiO2. Best.

– Sedan or small truck $1000

– Mid size SUV $1400

– 4 door truck $1800

– Large SUV or truck $2500

  • SB3 ThirtyThree. Our midgrade ceramic coating. Better.

– Sedan or small truck $800

– Mid size SUV $1200

– 4 door truck $1600

– Large SUV or truck $2300

  • SB3 Solo. Our entry level ceramic coating. Good.

– Sedan or small truck $600

– Mid size SUV $1000

– 4 door truck $1400

– Large SUV or Truck $2100

  • SB3 Industrial Wheel Coating

– $50 per wheel

  • SB3 Optic Glass Ceramic Coating

– $125 per windshield; $200 for all exterior glass

Any other coating needs will be addressed after inspection.

We like answering questions. So if you have any at all please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (616) 366-8523 or contact us. Your paint will thank you.