Motorcycle Detailing - OnTheSpot Mobile DetailersNot much better than jumping on your bike on a beautiful sunny day. Well wait, it can be a little bit better; that’s right when you ride, ride with pride on your freshly detailed scooter.

Detailing motorcycles is not easy, if it was more people would be doing it. We like it. Using steam machines, boars hair brushes, compressed air, specialized tools and knowledge, we clean everything we can reach. If your paint is scratched and has lost its gloss we can help there to.

Once all dialed in, we recommend and almost insist on a surface coating to protect your bike from the elements as well as ease of maintenance for yourself. Road grime has a tough time sticking to a coated surface. Obviously it will get dirty, but you will be amazed how easy it will be to clean after a weekend of riding.

Mobile Car Detailing Grand Rapids MI - OnTheSpot Mobile DetailersYour bike brings you many hours of happiness, isn’t it time to return the favor?

Detail Services starts @ $250+

Polishing Paint starts @  $50+

Chrome Work starts @ $50+    (This is when you desire specific polishing of chromed surfaces. All chrome is cleaned and protected in the standard detail service. This is when you want to have that extra sizzle!)

Surface Coatings start @ $200-$400+

Being that most bikes are not daily driven you can expect literally 4+ years of protection with one properly applied service.

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A bike stand is recommended for safety reasons.  Additional fees for extra grime, time and distance.

For Grand Rapids Motorcycle Detailing from OnTheSpot Mobile Detailers, call or text us at (616) 366-8523 or contact us online.